Common Myths About Polytherians and Polykin

There seem to be some people in the therian and otherkin communities who see those with multiple therio/kin-types as somehow being “not legit enough,” because they have an issue with us claiming multiple types. I’d like to address some of the common myths about us.


This was a post inspired by something I saw in one of the therianthropy/otherkin groups I’m in, and I felt inspired to write about it, being a polytherian myself.


It’s a bunch of spirits crammed into one body.


Actually, no. It isn’t. First off, someone with multiple spirits is considered a multiple. I have no issues with multiples, and I won’t go into that in depth here. (Please correct me if something I’ve said here about multiples is wrong.) Someone who is a polytherian or polykin has multiple therio- or kintypes, not multiple spirits. It’s all the same spirit, but they identify as three different types. Their spirit is all of their types.


Also, there are many therians and otherkin who aren’t spiritual people. I personally am, but there are plenty who aren’t, and they are every bit as valid as those of us who are. There are polytherians and polykin who don’t see it as a spiritual thing. Some see it as more psychological, and others see it as a mix.


It’s just a cameo shift.


It’s much different from a cameo shift, although cameo shifts do happen to therians and kin, and they can be rather confusing for people. Fortunately, I have not really had cameo shifts, but some people do, and it can make the process in finding out their real types difficult. It actually takes a lot of thought about oneself, and a lot of consideration. Sometimes it takes a lot of backtracking for the person having them. A cameo is a shift that you have, but you don’t necessarily identify as it. When it’s a theriotype, it’s something you see yourself as. When considering peregrine falcon as a type, that’s how I eventually realized it was a theriotype - it was something I identified as, rather than identifying with.


It’s changing your theriotype every week.


It actually depends on the person. It’s not finding a new type every week. It takes a lot of thought. Just like when you find out what your first kintype is, it requires a lot of thought - think about how it must be for multiple kintypes. Many polytherians and polykin go for a while without settling because they want to be sure of it themselves.


Also, some types are more dominant than others. Some may have one type that’s dominant for a while, and then it’ll shift to feeling the other type more. It’s not necessarily shifting from one type to another every day for many of us, though it probably happens to some. I’ve had the more obvious type shift at times after years feeling mostly one of the other types.


(And let me be clear that by “dominant” here, that I don’t mean that there are different personalities or anything. By “dominant,” I just mean that it’s the type you’re feeling the most, that is the most obvious to you at the moment.)


It’s a flight of fancy and pretend.


Most of us are not living in a dream world. We are well aware of reality, and finding out your types requires a lot of thought, and study. We’re not all a bunch of kids pretending to be this, and then pretending to be that, just as a therian with one type (monotherian? ) isn’t necessarily pretending to be their type.


Polytherians and polykin don’t do their research.


You know, from various polytherians I’ve seen, considering and re-considering their types is a very real thing in their lives. As I said before, it requires a lot of thought. Trust me, we do tons of research, and we think about it a lot.


Polytherians and polykin aren’t serious about who they are.


We are, just as much as any other therian or otherkin might be. Being a polytherian myself, I know I’m serious. I know how I feel a lot more than anyone else does. And considering the amount of thought it can take to figure out each kintype, I’d say some of us are quite serious about who we are.




All of that said, gatekeeping isn’t okay, and you don’t get to govern someone else’s identity. Relax a little - you aren’t in charge of who is legitimate and who isn’t.