A Bird Therian's Views on Therianthropy

Hi, there.  I'm RedFeather FalconHawk.  Welcome to my humble abode.  You may have come here because you know me as a friend, or because you have seen this website linked somewhere.  But it is, in fact, about therianthropy.


"What is therianthropy?" you may ask.  A therianthrope, or therian, is a human who feels that somehow on the inside, they are an animal.  Some of us feel it's our spirit - others feel it's their mind, psyche, or what have you - but for whatever reason, we are animals in mind/soul/spirit.


I have two theriotypes - peregrine falcon and red-tailed hawk.  This website is generally about my views on things.  I'll most likely post various articles that I've written on the topic of therianthropy.  I hope to be helpful in creating this website.


A little more about me - I am in my 30's and I live in Montana, where I do volunteer work for a raptor rehab center.  I'm a budding photographer (aka, noob), and I have little parrots that live in my apartment with me.  I am married to Asazi, who is a golden eagle therian.  (Hi, Asazi!  *waves*)


I tend to be a very spiritual person - I consider myself to be Pagan, though loosely.  I do not follow any specific path, and as far as for myself, I don't really like organized religion.  I am pretty open-minded, but I can't stand those people who judge and hate on others for no good reason.  My personal views on my own therianthropy are of a spiritual nature, but I realize that it differs from person to person.


So, all of that said, I hope you enjoy reading!